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Welcome to Mortgage Deals Help

At some point in many people’s lives they will go through the process of taking up one or more mortgage deals. Help is at hand through either research on the Internet, direct contact with a mortgage broker, or talking directly to the bank.

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Even in the current economic climate with fewer products to choose from getting the best mortgage deal is still hard work – the rate might look good but the fees are expensive; the rate looks good but the loan to value is set too low; the redemption fees are high, and so on. It’s not just finding the most appealing deal it’s finding the best mortgage for the given circumstances based on affordability, real benefits and any hidden strings.

Once the mortgage has been decided on the next can of worms is which insurance policy or policies are required, to cover sickness, redundancy or even unforeseen and untimely death? Or are these policies worth it, are they actually suitable and could alternative planning be an option?

The positive steps anyone can make is to take on board as much information as possible, and use that to make well judged decisions on all aspects of the new mortgage and associated insurance policies. At there will be a continual stream of information, tips and news that will go a little way in helping to enable those all important decisions.

Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Tips

The latest news, advice and tips on getting the right mortgage deal for you and your family.

The low down on lenders

About lenders

Discuss what makes a good lender, what the current deals are and what are the drawbacks.

Protecting the family

Protecting the family

Can mortgage protection and critical illness cover ensure the long term security of the family home.

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